You Need To Wear Sunscreen.

Everything in every cell of your body was once a biological or elemental part of your environment, originating in the soil, air, and water. You came from the earth. Like all living things, your life is supported by the earth, and one day your physical body will return to the earth. While you are alive, the food you eat is inextricably linked to soil particles that existed millions of years ago, part of a food chain that was here before mankind even appeared on the scene.

We must eat to live, but for some, eating amounts to nothing more than an arbitrary act, simply a way to fill their stomachs and avoid the sensation of hunger. The best way to live, however, is to eat consciously, with awareness, and with the intention that everything you allow into your body must be healthy and pure. That isn’t always easy. The food available in most grocery stores and restaurants might not be as healthy as you think it is.

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